Mrs. Lorri Resuta
Phone:  (215) 997-0107

What is Scrip?  The Scrip Program purchases gift cards from retailers at a discount.  In turn, when you purchase a gift card, you earn 70% of the discount offered by that retailer.  The remaining 30% goes to operating costs and expenses of the program.  Most Scrip programs only offer a 50/50 or less split with their families.

For instance:    If a family were to purchase a $100 Giant card and $50 of Wawa every week that Scrip is available (approximately 48 in a year), they would have earned $193.20 by the end of that year to be put towards their tuition payment. That number could be easily doubled, or tripled when you add other purchases such as retail stores, restaurants, online stores as well as purchases from friends and family members.

$100 a week x 48 weeks = $4800   3.50% of $4800 = $168.00
$50 a week x 48 weeks = $2400     1.05% of $2400 = $ 25.20


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