As you may be aware, significant changes to Pennsylvania’s Child Protective Services Law (CPSL) went into effect. In keeping with the changes to the law and to demonstrate the Archdiocese’s continued commitment to protect the children entrusted to our care, the Policy for the Protection of Child and Young People has been updated.

Pennsylvania Law: Effective July 1, 2015 the following clearances must be obtained:

  1. Pennsylvania State Police Background Check:  Can be obtained online at  You will receive results within few minutes.
  2. PA Department of Human Services Child Abuse History Clearance: Can be obtained online at Results will be Email to you within 14 days.
  3. Federal Criminal Background Check (FBI Fingerprint Clearance): Only if you lived in PA for less than 10 years.
    • Go to
    • The following are service codes needed to register: 1KG6ZJ for Volunteers.
    • You should then click on Schedule or Manage Appointment and complete the required information.
    • Payment is done online before your appointment is set. Cost is approximately $25.75. The Rectory Office would need a copy of a receipt to be refunded.
    • For fingerprint locations, please visit the following website:

If you have lived in PA continuously for 10 years you will need the Disclosure Statement Application (Interactive PDF format) to be filed at the place of service.

All required clearances, including FBI, must be renewed every 5 years.

Philadelphia Archdiocese Training Requirements: Volunteers who have regular contact with children (at least one time per week) are required to complete parts one and two of the Safe Environment training within 90 days of beginning their volunteer work.

  1. Attendance at “Protecting God’s Children – Awareness Sessions for Adults” (Virtus).  Go to , click “First-Time Registrant” Link. Then under the Please select your Archdiocese/Diocese/Religious Organization…Box,” Choose Philadelphia, PA (Archdiocese), and continue the steps to register a Session. This is a one-time requirement.
  2. Mandated Reporter Training – Please go to You must register first before you do the training This is a one-time requirement.
  3. Mandatory Reporter Acknowledgment Form: This form is needed to provide proof to the state of Pennsylvania that the above Mandatory Reporter training has been completed and also to acknowledge that the volunteer is now, or may be considered in the future, to be a Mandated Reporter (Interactive PDF format).

All Background Checks, Clearances, and Certificate of Completion for Training (Protecting God’s Children and Mandated Reporter Training) to be returned to Lisa Moser at the Rectory Office. For questions or more information, please contact Lisa Moser by Email or (215) 822-9224 ext. 101.